So I Heard You Like Graphic Design

Here is a little about myself

This is me!

So what do I say? Well let's start off with the basics about myself. My name is Heather Anderson and I am a second semester first year. I come from a very small area. I actually graduated with a class of 24, where I was ranked number 2 (only loosing by hundredths of a point). Back home I have a mother, father, younger brother, and a younger sister, all of whom I love dearly. We have three cats named Davey Crocket (D.C. or Deedle), Bungee Jr (B.J. or Beej), and Sammi. My favorite of the three is Beej, because he is my baby boy.

Growing up, I have always loved technology. I'm actually the personal tech support of my family. Along with technology, I have always loved to read, write, and even to draw. In elementary school, I would always read during recess, and then write a story based on what I have read. Once I really learned how to use Photoshop and online paint websites like Sumo Paint, I started to practice with Graphic Design. I spent my whole junior and senior years working with InDesign and Photoshop, so I have a pretty good understanding of both programs. My high school offered the Early College Program through the University of Maine at Machias, so I have already taken 2-D Art and Graphic Design, along with a few other classes.

Some Of My Strengths