Here is a link to a copy of our Capstone Thesis. We have worked on this project from September 2014-Present. Remaining in the schedule are March - Deployment, April - public talks, and May - Graduation. Thesis link


Throughout our capstone, we have faced many struggles and triumphs. To show this progress, I will lay it out in a month by month stretch.

September: Brainstorming, Research, etc This is when we first came up with various capstone ideas and began documentation.

October: Capstone project decided! Documentation and research commenced. Grant writing also began.

November: Grant results cam back, none of the outside grants were received. Continuation of research and the beginnings of tech being bought.

December: Tech work mostly to prepare prototype. Also, prototype presentation. This began research on what constitutes a fall.

January: Winter break, tech being purchased/researched

February: Tech, tech, and more tech! We ran into quite a few snags which resulted in many meetings with ASAP to help with the coding and the hardware.

March: Project complete! Now for deployment during the last two weeks of the month.

April: Public talks and possible New Media night.

May: Graduation!