The Words of The Silent The stories of three brave men

  1. Changing Perspective

    There were planes everywhere. The hum of the ships engines couldn't dwarf the sound. Water lapped over the edge of the ship splashing onto the decks. The waves rocked us into our neighboring soldiers.

    We weren't just any soldier though, we were the newly formed Marines.

    They assigned us an infiltration mission to Nagasaki. This would end the war for good. Well, end the last few combatants after the bomb in Hiroshima that is.

    We had done countless training maneuvers and were ready to fight.

    Well, we were ready until the ship turned around. The only thoughts I had were, Had the Japs given up? Was the war already over? Were we retreating? These questions raced through my mind as I watched the shore get smaller and smaller.

    Thats when I saw it. The large bomber flying over head with a heavy payload. I recognized that plane from our post drop training.

    They were going to bomb Nagasaki. They were going to blow the Japs sky high. The men around me started to cheer as the plane neared the coast. The cheering continued as we watched the bomb fall and the cloud mushroom up. The cheering stopped after that. There were almost invisible waves blowing across the land and water.

    We were luckily far enough to not be effected by the blast but the Japs weren't. The cities were gone now. The people with it. The men remain silent as we watch the bright cloud slowly settle. I could barely hear the murmurs of the men around me saying it was over.

    The war was over and I could finally go home.