Keith S.

  1. Of Illness and Travels

    I never realized how rough the ocean could be. I’ve been out on the boat before, but this was nuthin' like that. I've puked more times than I can remember, and the doc said it was maluria malaria. I have no idea what that is, but it must be bad because they have me here in the med area and told me I couldn't watch as we crossed into the Pacific.

    I've never been to the west before. Well the west or the 'far east', never been one for travel. The good ol' downeast was enough for me. I knew nuthin' good would come from traveling, what with this illness and all.

    The nurse just said my fever was rising. Must say, I've never had a fever like this before. The kids back home would get a fever and if it didn't break by night they were a goner. Mine has been pretty long now. Any longer and I might not make it to the war. Not such a bad thing. I'd rather not have to meet any of those yellow bastards.